Thursday, 23 March 2017

#Girlcrush box

Everyone has heard of them boxes you receive every month, filled with beauty/hair/skincare etc. I have been wanting to get one for so long but couldn't find one I liked and I just didn't want to waste money on products I wouldn't use. 

I recently found a box I was extremely interested in. It's brand new so there were no reviews but I decided to put my faith in it. I think what drew me in was knowing 10% of my money was going towards a charity which is chosen every month by US. 

It was £20 pound a month which I didn't think was too bad since the products could add up to £150 pound. I had in mind that I was only going to be purchasing one and then cancelling because I just didn't like every month it would be worth it.

However, my mind was quickly changed when the box arrived and I saw what was inside. It was incredible. When you purchase the box they ask a few questions such as clothes size, skin type etc so the products are really suited to you. 

I was so impressed with everything inside, and think it is very worth the money. I will be continuing my subscription with them and make sure to keep you updated on what I get. Buy you own box here

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Spectrum Makeup Brushes

My spectrum makeup brush collection

 When I went to the clothes show last year, I just knew I had to get these! I had heard so many incredible things about them, and thought they were so beautiful! I also love the case I bought for them, it is absolutely gorgeous, and I've had many compliments in it.

They are great to use, especially the eyeshadow brushes, incredible for blending! I can't remember exactly what I paid but I believe it was in the £40 pound range for brushes and case. It is so worth it, I've never had better brushes!

Also I didn't know at the time, but found out they are vegan and cruelty free! Which Is amazing I think especially since I've been trying to use cruelty free products. 

You can find the brushes here
and you can get 10% off your first order right now if you join the mailing list

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

February Favourites

Welcome to my February Favourites

This is just some of my favourites in February, it Includes beauty,skincare and general things I've loved.
Anything I have been loving I have included.
Bare with me because I am in the process of getting a camera, so pictures may not be fantastic quality currently. However we are hoping for this to change soon. (All skincare products used are good for oily skin types)

The body shop - seaweed oil balancing clay mask

Zara - red vanilla perfume

No7 - Day cream normal/oily skin

No7 - Night cream normal/oily skin

Bondi sands - dark fake tanning mouse

Tarte - Swamp queen eyeshadow palette

Zoella - planner

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hopefully I may start trying to do favourites every month,
If you'd be interested in this please comment below.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

My Travel Bucket List

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

I have created a list of just a few of my bucket list countries and what specific things I would like to do when I am there. Recently I have become so much more interested in travel, I am looking to get away any chance I get so I can experience new things and enjoy new cultures and cities.  This year I am super lucky to be going to Amsterdam, Florence and Thailand, I cannot wait since I have never been to any of these and its a dream come true.


st. marks square
Doges' palace


Scuba diving license 
Bangkok floating market
See elephants 


visit a spa


northern lights
Blue lagoon
Whale watching


Sydney opera house
Melbourne, Sydney, Byron bay

As I said these are just a few, I have such wanderlust that If I could I would travel the whole globe if I could right now. It would be great to know where you've been and would like to go.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I have really been feeling New looks new clothing, I find it so fashionable right now and for great prices. You cannot go wrong.
I have created a list of my favourites that are on my wish list!

Wish List


I just love the floral embroidery design right now and the heeled boots so much!
I could show you so much more however these are just a couple of my favourites! If you want to see more you know where to go Newlook website and click new arrivals.

Best wishes,
Rhianne x

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Changing my Lifestyle and staying Motivated

Firstly everyone should go watch THIS, Its why I decided to make this change and motivated me to feel so much more confident and happy in myself. 

Hi everyone, a lot of this will probably be me rambling but I'll try keep it short and sweet. 
I basically have decided a lifestyle change, I have tried diets in the past, most being "crash diets". I know this is bad and we are all guilty of it. We want to lose weight quickly, however this isn't healthy and definitely isn't a long term solution. You may lose the weight doing this, I did, however as soon as I stopped I gained the weight back in months and more. 

I didn't feel healthy the way I was eating, and although now I'm not on a diet, I still don't feel healthy and happy with what I eat or how I look. I know people say it a lot they are going to make a change blah blah blah. I do it myself, many times i've said I'm making a change. However this is the first time I'm going public about it. I feel I will be more motivated by blogging about it.

I would love if people joined in and we could help each-other. I am in the process of getting a personal trainer, I know a lot of people can't afford these, I am only now able to. However there is so many ways you can stay motivated and help yourself by moving. There is youtube videos and apps you can use, or you can simply ask someone in the gym. Workouts I do I will try blog about so people are able to try them themselves. 

Any recipes or healthy foods I try I will make sure to tell everyone about. I will be trying Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc so many people are able to try the recipes too. 

I would like to state I'm not a nutritionist, and know very little about fitness and health. Please don't think you are guaranteed to lose weight or become healthy and fit by following this. This will be very trial and error, I'm learning just like everyone else. I am here if anyone wants motivation or help however you can contact me via twitter or email. 

I will be posting recipes and meals very soon to stay tuned and stay motivated. :)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I have inspired you
Make sure to watch the video above from @Danimansutii on Twitter 
I don't own the video it just inspired me so thats why I have shown it.

Best wishes
Rhianne x

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


I always try my best to not buy makeup that I know is tested on animals or if I know the company or parent company test on animals I will try to stay away.This is going to be just an insight into my own makeup bag. Some of the products may test on animals and I may just be unaware so if you know something I'm using is tested on animals or know the company tests please tell me because I want to stay away from products like that as much as I can.

I tend to use peta to find out if a company tests on animals although I do find they aren't always correct. So in some cases I'll just google the information or email the company to find out.

If you want to stop using makeup tested on animals the best way to find out is to find peoples blogs or youtube videos and see what cruelty free makeup they use. If you are wondering if your makeup is tested you can google it, a lot of companies may say:

COMPANY NAME does not test on animals and we never ask others to test for us. If a regulatory body demands it for its safety assessment, an exception can be made.

This however does mean that if they sell in China and any other country that states by law it must be tested on animals they will. 

If you have any questions about not being sure if something you own is tested on animals I would be happy to try find out for you.

This is just what I use on a regular basis. I look for a full coverage due to having bad/oily skin. I find currently these are the best products for me. If I was going out I would also use my Tarte swamp queen palette which is shown above as my highlighter. I also then use eyelure false eyelashes, and a banana powder from ben nye (however since mine is a dupe I'm not sure of about it being cruelty free so am looking for a new one).

Lipsticks I have a wide range, I use bodyshop mainly however have been using nyx but have recently found out about Loreal owning them. Even though Nyx are not tested on animals, Loreal do test so I will be trying to replace my Nyx products. If you are aware of any of my products being tested on animals please tell me i'd love to know, also if you know of any products I could replace some with.

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Rhianne x